About France

France is such a wonderful destination to visit with something to appeal to everyone. Whether it’s a wedding in France, a skiing holiday to France or a family holiday in France at the beach, it will tick all the boxes. Lying between the Iberian peninsula and the nations of central Europe, France is a core country on any European tour. The sophisticated cities of Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Lyon contrast with the small villages of the Dordogne and Normandy. Whether exploring a single city, a region or surveying the whole country, Each area looks different, feels different, has its own style of architecture and food. From a hotel in Paris to an ancient chateau in the Loire, camping in Bordeaux, from Cannes to Brittany and Chamonix to the Pyrenees. France is synonymous with style. From the wide, tree-lined boulevards of its elegant and exciting capital city to the breathtaking Loire Valley castles and the glittering Cote d’Azur with its air of grandeur and romance, it’s easy to see why France has enchanted generations of visitors. The largest country in Western Europe and home to 58.3 million people, France stretches from the rolling plains of the north to the jagged ridges of the Pyrenees, and from the untamed Brittany coastline to the clear, blue lakes and snowy heights of the Alps. No matter how many times you visit on holiday, France offers something new and exciting each time. Walk the windswept beaches of Normandy a green and peaceful region dotted with pretty little fishing harbour and charming resorts and picture the D-Day landings, take in the style and glamour of Paris, The French capital is one of the most stimulating cities on earth. Although described countless times, words still fail to capture the exact quality that makes Paris eternally seductive. Weather in France Spring and Summer offer the best weather to visitors, with beach tourism picking up in May. Temperatures are not too bad in Autumn, although the short days mean limited sunlight and the cold starts to make itself felt towards the end of the season. Winter means playing in the snow in France’s Alps and the Pyrenees.